Japan Welcome Summer Okinawa 4Days 3Nights TATJP 8672

Japan Welcome Summer Okinawa 4Days 3Nights TATJP 8672

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Japan Welcome Summer Okinawa 4Days 3Nights TATJP 8672

Tour Itinerary
  • Date
    Don Mueang Airport Bangkok, Thailand - Naha Airport Okinawa - Okinawa Island

    05:00 a.m. Meet at Don Mueang Airport, Terminal 1, International Departures Counter, AirAsia Airlines. Company officials Waiting to welcome you and facilitate check-in
    08:00 a.m. depart for Naha Airport Okinawa Island, Japan Flight FD240
    (Hot food service with drinks on board)
    02:55 p.m. Arrive at Naha Airport, Okinawa, Japan. After passing through customs procedures Already completed (Japan time 2 hours faster than Thailand. Please adjust your watch for convenience in making an appointment) ***Very important!! Japan does not allow fresh food, such as meat, plants, vegetables, and fruits, to be brought into the country. Violators will be fined and arrested after entering the country.
    Take everyone on a journey to Okinawa Island (OKINAWA) to admire the beautiful scenery within the island and experience the culture of the Okinawan people. In the past it was the center of the Ryukyu Kingdom but was taken over by Japan and incorporated into the country. Today it is the capital city. It is a resort town and the birthplace of martial arts like karate. It has beautiful white sandy beaches. The blue sea and pristine coral reefs make Okinawa Prefecture another important island tourist attraction.
    Take you to the accommodation. (Travel time approximately 15 - 20 minutes) (By hotel bus)
    Evening: Eat dinner at your leisure.
    Accommodation: HOTEL ART STAY NAHA KOKUSAI-DORI or similar.

  • Date
    Churaumi Aquarium – Manzamo Cliff – American Village

    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel restaurant (1).
    Take you to see Churaumi Aquarium (OKINAWA CHURAUMI AQUARIUM) (travel time approximately 1.40 hours) is the best aquarium in Japan. Highlight!!! A highlight of your visit to this aquarium is the Kuroshio tank. which is one of The world's largest water tank Inside, there are a variety of marine life in Okinawa. The most striking aquatic animal is the giant whale shark. and manta rays You are free to enjoy various types of aquatic animals, including starfish, sharks, tiger sharks and bull sharks, bioluminescent fish, and various shellfish. There is also an outdoor pool near the water's edge that hosts dolphin, sea turtle and dugong shows, held a few times a day. (There is no additional cost. But you must check the show time before watching.)
    Noon: Eat lunch at a restaurant (2)
    Then take you to Cape Manzamo (travel time approximately 1.20 hours), a steep rock cliff more than 30 meters high that looks like an elephant's trunk facing the China Sea. The green area of grass that covers the top of the cliff contrasts with the clear blue sea. It is one of the most beautiful scenery in Okinawa. On a day with clear skies, it will be possible You can clearly see the beauty of the northern islands and the islands off the coast. Most Japanese people like to set up picnics. or play their favorite sport The sheer size of the cliff is said to be able to comfortably accommodate up to 10,000 tourists at the same time.
    Then take you to American Village (travel time approximately 50 minutes), located in a city called Chatan in the middle of Okinawa. Modeled after a shopping center in the San Diego area in the United States. This is a shopping center with various styles of products for you to choose from. There are also fun entertainment venues such as movie theaters, bowling, karaoke, game centers, Ferris wheels, live houses, bars, restaurants, bookstores, clothing stores, and airline ticket agencies, hotels, and beaches. Various shops Almost all of them are gathered here.
    Evening: Eat dinner at your leisure.
    It's time to take you to your hotel. (Travel time approximately 40 minutes)
    Accommodation: HOTEL ART STAY NAHA KOKUSAI-DORI or similar.

  • Date
    Shuri Castle (outside) – Duty Free – Okinawa World – Gyokusendo Emerald Stream Cave – Glass Factory – Umikaji Terrace Shopping Center

    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel restaurant (3).
    Take you to Shuri Castle (SHURI CASTLE) (outside) (travel time approximately 20 minutes) (not including admission to the castle, additional cost of approximately 400 yen/person) The original Shuri Castle. Built in the late 1300s, it played a key role in unifying the island's power. A castle building based on the architectural style of the Ryukyu people. which is the residence of King Shoen During the Cho Dynasty The Ryukyu Kingdom was a kingdom in the southern part of Japan. Close to Taiwan Island It is close to Chinese culture. The architecture of this castle Most of them were influenced by China. During the Ming Dynasty and in 1945 during World War II when the Allied troops were able to land on Okinawa. The poison of war caused the castle to be almost completely destroyed. Only a few sections of the castle walls were left, only 20-30 centimeters above the ground. Until 1992, Shurijo Castle was completely rebuilt to its original structure. Based on historical photographs historical records and the memories of the inhabitants of that area, and in 1879, this castle was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site along with other historical sites. in Okinawa island
    Then take you shopping at duty free shops selling cosmetics and appliances. Japanese style kraja kraja Inside the store there are many types of products. Both local cosmetics brands
    Take you on a journey to OKINAWA WORLD (travel time approximately 30 minutes)
    Afternoon: Eat lunch at a restaurant (4).
    Take you to see the Gyokusendo Emerald Stream Cave (GYOKUSENDO CAVE), which is a stalagmite cave. There are beautiful stalactites and stalactites under the ground that are more than 30 meters deep. Inside, a walkway has been built to allow you to view the beauty of the cave, which is more than 700 meters long, which is considered the largest cave in Asia. Inside the cave, there will be cool weather throughout. year because it is a place where streams of water flow through the crevices of rocks all the time. causing the phenomenon of stalagmites and stalactites Large and takes up space a wide area Moreover, inside there is a clear stream of water flowing through which fish can survive very well. There is also a shop selling local products. or various souvenirs Including restaurants as well.
    Then take you to see the GLASS FACTORY (travel time approximately 20 minutes), which is located on the southern tip of Okinawa Island. This factory is the largest glass production factory in Okinawa Prefecture. All glassware is made using traditional glassware techniques. They do not use molds, are brightly colored, and are made with the skill of skilled craftsmen. Watch the glass makers as they work to create glassware that is created by the skill of each craftsman. Visit the glass display room and allow you to purchase the glassware you like.
    Then take you to UMIKAJI TERRACE Shopping Center (approx. 25 minutes) A new shopping center built on a sloping hill on Senagajima Island, located just beyond the airport runway. Naha Airport is only a few hundred meters away. Therefore, the plane can be seen at a very close distance, as if it were flying close to your head. The sight of many clean white buildings cascading down on a sloping surface contrasted with the color of the wide sky and the cobalt blue of the sea is strikingly beautiful, inviting and soothing the mind. There are many shopping shops, restaurants, and even photography spots. of this place
    Evening: Eat dinner at your leisure.
    It's time to take you to your hotel. (Travel time approximately 30 minutes)
    Accommodation: HOTEL ART STAY NAHA KOKUSAI-DORI or similar.

  • Date
    Naminoue Shrine – Ashibina Outlet Mall – Naha Airport, Okinawa – Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok

    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel restaurant (5).
    Take you on a journey to Naminoue Shrine (approximately 10 minutes by car) is located in an area that has been a sacred space used to pray to the gods who resided in the Overseas Sea Lord Kingdom since ancient times. In the past, sailors went in and out of Naha Port, which at that time was a center of exchange and trade with many countries, including China, southern countries, Korea, and the Yamato people. They often look up to the shrine perched on a high cliff to pray. and express gratitude Naminoue Shrine was damaged during the Battle of Okinawa during the Pacific War. But it was later restored when the war ended. Today it has become the center of Shinto in Okinawa Prefecture. Japanese people often come to pray to pray for business prosperity and wealth and to ward off bad luck.
    Then take you to Okinawa Outlet Mall Ashibinaa (travel time approximately 30 minutes) The first outlet mall in Okinawa. Gathering over 100 leading stores including fashion clothing Brand name products, watches, appliances, toys. Every store is stocked with both old and new products. Massive price reductions of more than 30-80% so you can go shopping and end the trip to your heart's content. Under a comfortable atmosphere Seaside resort style If you're tired from shopping, you can go up to eat on the 2nd floor. There are many other restaurants serving you.
    Noon: Eat lunch freely at your leisure.
    The time is right to take you on a journey. Naha Airport, Okinawa, Japan (Travel time approximately 15 minutes)
    03:55 p.m. Departure to Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok, Thailand by Air Asia flight FD241 (hot meal service with drinks on board)
    06:50 p.m. Arrive at Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok, Thailand with an impressive experience.

Meals And Accommodation
Terms and Conditions
  • Full Payment

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Package Include
  • 1 in-flight meal/trip, checked baggage weight 20 kg, carry-on 7 kg.

  • Food costs as specified Those who require a special food menu other than those specified Please notify us to see the menu and additional costs (1 bottle of drinking water per day)

  • Hotel accommodations as specified or equivalent (accommodating 2 - 3 persons / room). Those who wish to sleep in a room for 4 persons, or a family room, or an upgraded room, please inquire about additional costs.

  • Air-conditioned coach fare According to the size of the tour group Those who want to separate buses Or use a small car only for your own family. Please notify to inquire about additional costs.

  • Entrance fees to various places according to the specified list

  • Insurance premium Accident while traveling Insurance amount 500,000 baht per person (does not cover health Illness or congenital disease) in case of death

  • from accidents during travel The insurance amount is 1,000,000 baht per person (conditions according to the law).

  • VAT 7% and withholding tax 3% (service fee only)

Package Exclude
  • Traveler's personal expenses such as passport processing fees, telephone charges, food and drink charges, laundry charges, and room minibar charges. and various transportation expenses that are not specified in the list

  • Visa fees for entering Japan In the case of an announcement to come back and apply for a visa again (since Japan has announced an exemption from applying for a visa to enter the country for Thai people for those wishing to stay for a short period in Japan not exceeding 15 days)

  • Fees in the event that the baggage exceeds the weight specified by the airline or the baggage exceeds the standard size.

  • Fuel tax In the event that the airline charges additional fees Only after the company has issued an airplane ticket.

  • Tip for tour guide and driver 2,000 baht. Tip for tour leader depends on your satisfaction.

  • Fees for ATK or RT-PCR testing that are not specified in the tour itinerary. If the country of origin or destination is required to check the tour itinerary.

  • Cancel at least 30 days before the trip. Keep some expenses (retain actual expenses such as deposits on airplane tickets). and deposit for foreign service fees)

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  • Travel up to a minimum of 30 people. If less than the specified limit The group will not be able to travel. If all travelers are willing to pay additional fees. so that the group can travel We will be happy to coordinate your desired travel arrangements for you. The company reserves the right to cancel departure and postpone the trip to another date. The company will inform you in advance.

  • We reserve the right to collect additional fuel and taxes at all airports. If the airline has an increase before the departure date

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  • This item is only an offer that must be confirmed by the company. one more time After having made a reservation for a hotel in a foreign country. The hotels are arranged at a similar level. which may be adjusted as specified in the program

  • Room management It is the hotel's right to arrange rooms for groups staying. There are smoking/non-smoking rooms available. You may request to change rooms. According to the wishes of the guests This is subject to hotel availability. and cannot be guaranteed.

  • Tour guides, employees and representatives of the organizer There is no right to make any promises. All on behalf of the organizer Unless there is a document signed by an authorized person of the director only.

  • The organizer is not responsible and cannot refund any expenses. Yes because it is a lump sum payment with various agents. In the event that the traveler does not pass the immigration-departure consideration Whether it is the Immigration Department or the Labor Department of every country on the travel list. Due to actions that appear to be illegal, escaping, entering or leaving the country, incorrect travel documents, or being refused in other cases.

  • Services of Japanese tour buses According to Japanese law Service can be provided 10 hours per day. On that day, additional hours may not be allowed. Traffic conditions during travel days falling on Japanese holidays or Saturdays and Sundays Traffic may be congested. This may result in less time for traveling and shopping at each location. It is at the discretion of the tour guide. and drivers in time management This may require cooperation from travelers who sometimes need to rush. in order to travel according to the program

  • In the event that the Immigration Department of Thailand or abroad refuses to leave or enter the specified country. Due to personal reasons of the traveler, the company reserves the right not to refund the tour fee in any case, including when you have already departed with the group. You refrain from using any of the services. or not traveling Along with the group, it is considered that you have given up your rights. Unable to claim service fees back In any case