Public Holidays in Bhutan

Public Holidays Bhutan

2 Jan                     Winter Solstice (Nyilo)

25 Jan                   Traditional Day of Offering

21 Feb to 23 Feb   Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the King

24 Feb to 25 Feb   Losar New Year

2 May                     Birth Anniversary of Third Druk Gyalpo

2 May                     Shabdrung Kuchoe

5 Jun                      Lord Buddha's Parinirvana

30 Jun                    Birth Anniversary of Guru Rinpoche

24 Jul                     First Sermon of Lord Buddha

22 Sep                   Thimphu Drupchen Dromchoe *

23 Sep                   Blessed Rainy Day

26 Sep to 28 Sep   Thimphu Tshechu *

26 Oct                    Dashain Festival

1 Nov                     Coronation of His Majesty the King

7 Nov                     Descending Day of Lord Buddha

11 Nov                   Birth Anniversary of Fourth Druk Gyalpo

17 Dec                   National Day

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