Public Holidays in Lebanon

Public Holidays Lebanon

1 January          New Year's Day (Le Nouvel an)

6 January          Epiphany and Armenian Christmas (The latter holiday was officially recognized in Lebanon in 2003. It is exclusively celebrated by Armenians in Lebanon)

9 February        St. Maroun Day (The holiday is celebrated by the Maronites)

25 March          Feast of the Annunciation (Observed by both Christians and Muslims)

Friday immediately before Easter Sunday Good Friday (Both the Eastern and Western dates are observed. Also called الجمعة العظيمة‎ in Arabic)

moveable          Easter Sunday (Both the Eastern and Western dates are observed)

1 May               Workers' Day‎

6 May               Martyrs' Day (Syrian and Lebanese national holiday commemorating the Syrian and Lebanese nationalists executed in Damascus and Beirut on May 6, 1916 by Jamal Pasha)

25 May             Liberation and Resistance Day (Withdrawal of the Israeli Army from Southern Lebanon in 2000)

15 August         Feast of the Assumption

22 November   Lebanese Independence Day (Lebanon gained its independence from France in 1943)

25 December   Christmas Day


Dates following the lunar Islamic calendar

1 Muharram              Islamic New Year (In French, it is also known as 1er Muharram)

10 Muharram            Day of Ashura (Maqtal al-Husayn is sometimes read on this day)

12 Rabi' al-awwal     Mawlid (holiday is celebrated on 12 Rabi' al-awwal by the Sunnis while it is celebrated on 17 Rabi' al-awwal by the Shi'ites. Also known as mouloud, mouled, maoulide or Mawlid al-Nabi in French)

1 Shawwal                Eid al-Fitr (The holiday lasts for three days until 3 Shawwal. Also known as Id-ul-Fitr, Eid, and the Festival of the Breaking of the Fast)

10 Dhu al-Hijjah        Eid al-Adha (The holiday lasts three days, ending on 13 Dhu al-Hijjah. Also known as la Fête du sacrifice, Aïd al Adha, or Eid el-Kebir in French)

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