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Syria or officially named Syrian Arab Republic is a country in Southwest Asia. It has a western border to the Mediterranean Sea. North of Turkey East of Iraq South is Jordan. And southwest of Israel, the capital Damascus is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Syria is a fertile plain. High mountains and desert It has a wide variety of ethnic and religious populations. Most of them are Arabs. Which included Alawi, Druz, Sunni Muslims, and Christians. Other ethnic groups include the Armenian, Assyrian, Kurds and Turks. The Sunni Arabs are the largest population group in Syria.


Syria is a member of the United Nations and a loner movement. Membership has been suspended from the Arab League and Islamic Cooperation Organization. And withheld themselves from the Union for the Mediterranean Since March 2011, Syria has been in a civil war in the wake of the insurgency. (Considered as an extension of the Arab Spring) to the Azad and the Ba'at government the resistance group formed an alternative government, the Syrian National Coalition, in March 2012. This government representative was later invited to replace Syria in the Arab League.

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