Money & Duty Free for Antigua and Barbuda

Money & Duty Free Antigua and Barbuda

Visitors to Antigua and Barbuda can import up to 170 millilitres of perfume and a liter of wine or spirits without incurring customs duty. Duty-free tobacco limits are 200 cigarettes, 250 grams of tobacco, or 50 cigars per visitor. Although VC Bird International Airport has a duty-free shop, the Heritage Quay Complex is Antigua and Barbuda’s true duty-free paradise, with over 50 duty-free shops selling unique items such as English wool and linens.


Although the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$) is Antigua and Barbuda’s official currency, American dollars (US$) are not only commonly accepted, but often the only currency displayed at hotels, restaurants, and other places frequented by tourists. Only smaller restaurants catering mainly to locals regularly list their prices in the Eastern Caribbean dollar. All major resorts have ATMs and all major credit cards are accepted in most establishments. Travelers’ checks are also widely accepted, but should be priced in American dollars.

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