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Hungary is in the region of Central Europe is not landlocked. Having the territory north to Slovakia East to Romania and Ukraine, the south extends to Serbia and Croatia. Southwest to Slovenia And the west reaches Austria The largest city and capital of the country is Budapest. The name of Hungary in Hungarian means "country ofThe Maudyor "(Country of the Magyars), Hungary, covers an area of 93,030 square kilometers. Which occupies only 28 percent of the area of the former Kingdom of Hungary before World War I, the area is currently ranked 110th in the world with the most of the terrain in the plain. Pannonian Basin and has a population of 9,919,128 people, is ranked 90th in the world The majority of Maud terminal use Hungarian as an official language, a language, a language of the European Union who do not. Originated as Indo-European language group together with Estonian, Finnish and Maltese languages.

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