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Principality of Monaco also commonly referred Monaco is a state in Western Europe located. French Riviera, in the south of France bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second smallest independent country in the world at just 2.02 square kilometers, but has the world's densest population approximately 19,009 people per square kilometer in 2018.


The most populous province is Monté Carlo.Monaco is one of the world's most expensive and wealthiest countries, 30 percent of the population is hundreds of millions of dollars of billionaires 2014.


Monaco ruled A constitutional monarchy by Prince Albert II of Grimaldi as the head of state. Most of the population speaks French and it is the official language, and there are also more common accents of Monegas, Italian and English.


Monaco officially recognized its independence in the 1861 France-Monegask Treaty, becoming a member of the United Nations in 1993, despite Monaco being an independent country. But defense is the responsibility of France, with Monaco having only two armies to defend itself.


Monaco's economy has flourished significantly since the late 19th century, after the opening of the first casino in Montecarlo and a railroad connecting Paris . Beautiful scenery And entertainment for gamblers to absorb huge money from tourists Generate huge income for the country.


Monaco is now a banking hub and is focused on operating the service economy and small industries. Not polluting And has a high added value Monaco is famous for being Low tax territory Does not collect income tax. Have low business taxes And is also the venue for the first Formula One race, which is the hometown of the team Scooby De Maria Ferrara's also the club 's action in Moscow Nagoya to compete in Ligue France was very successful. Dominate the top league multiple times.


Monaco does not formally join the European Union . Instead, it adopted some EU policies, such as customs and immigration. Monaco used the euro to join the Council of Europe in 2004 and was a member of the International organization of French-speaking countries.


Official language France

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