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Rwanda or official name Rwanda is a landlocked country bordering the Great Lakes in the east of the country. Rwanda is a small country on the way between central and eastern Africa. With a common population of 8 million people Rwanda borders Uganda in the north. Burundi in the south Democratic Republic of the Congo, northwest to the west And Tanzania in the southeast to the east Rwanda has a rich hilly landscape. Made the nickname from Belgium The old colonist said it was The land of hills (Pays des Mille Collines in French or Igihugu cy'Imisozi Igihumbi is the Gujranwanda) Rwanda is also the most densely populated country in regional Africa. (Not counting the smaller islands) Rwanda's most famous international event was the 1994 Tutsi Holocaust that killed nearly a million people [wanted]. refer] Rwanda's economy is entirely from agriculture. But almost all of them are subsistence agriculture. Not for commercial purposes Nowadays, where the density and population are increasing. While deteriorating soil quality and unstable weather conditions make Rwanda a nation of widespread malnutrition, As well as the ongoing problems of poverty

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