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Kingdom of Greece is officially named. The Kingdom of Hellenic was established in 1832 at the London Conference. By groups of major powers, which are United Kingdom French republic And the Russian Empire Until receiving international certification in the world as a result of the Treaty of Constantinople Giving the Kingdom of Greece complete and stable autonomy Which is no longer under the power of the Ottoman Empire Greece's independence is the result of a call for independence by the Greek exile government. And from Greece's war of independence (With the United Kingdom, France and the Russian Empire to assist and support), in the rule of the Kingdom that has been the monarchy as the head of the country since independence until 1924, the royal family and The monarchy was overthrown until the Hellenic II Republic was established, but later the royal family was restored and the monarchy was reinstated as the head of the country. Finally, in 1974, the royal family was overthrown again as a result of military dictatorship Under the leadership of the Greek military party. And established the Third Hellenic Republic until now

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