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Passport & Visa Spain

Procedure for applying for a Spanish Tourist & Family Visit Visa (90 days stay within a 6 month period)

1. Download the document preparation Checkllist at: 


2. Fill out the online form and print it out at (if you need to sign, use a blue ink pen only)


3. The original Passport has a minimum of 6 months remaining and must have at least 2 blank pages and 2 copies. 


4. Color photos with white background only (taken within 6 months), size 1.5 inches or 2 inches, total 2 pictures.


5. Travel Insurance must cover at least € 30,000 (EUR) or 1,500,000 baht, which covers various medical expenses during your stay in Spain. And repatriation to Thailand if necessary The list of insurance companies recognized by the embassy can be checked at the embassy and always include the applicant's first and last name on the document. However For EU spouses and government passport holders, travel insurance documents can be waived.


6. Documents to book tickets (Air Ticket Itinerary) to and from Spain or a Schengen country. (Don't just issue plane tickets Until your visa is passed) in the case of traveling to several places It is always necessary to show proof of travel from one place to another.


7. Itinerary


8. Documents booking at a hotel or accommodation (Hotel booking) (not recommended to pay for the room. Until your visa is passed)

- In the event of more than one person, the names of all the guests must be specified in the hotel booking table.

- (in case of staying at a relative's house You must have an invitation from a relative or friend and signed by "Policia Nacional" from Spain (Yellow Paper) and a copy of your passport or DNI from the residents who invited you to visit from Spain. Documents must clarify the relationship between the invitee and the traveler, specify the address and a copy of the passport page. Or a copy of the ID card of the invitee or document of the invitation letter (Original documents only) that are made legally (According to the order of the Ministry of Interior of Spain 1283/2007) by inviting person to request the said documents at the local police station. Invitation letter and proof of a person in Spain * Obtaining an invitation does not mean exemption from other documents. Or visas are always approved. 


9. Documents showing financial position (Financial statement from the bank and a copy of the passbook for the past 6 months) showing the current status that the applicant has sufficient financial status to travel And throughout the period of residence.

- In the event that the applicant for a business-owned visa, submit a company registration document. And can use evidence Financial of the company. 

- In case of account book is not current, request a bank statement.

- Evidence of financial statements of other persons or companies that certify the expenses. "Cannot be used as a supporting document for consideration"

- Other financial evidence such as personal income tax payment for the latest year, land ownership rights, etc. "cannot be used as supporting documents as well."

- In the event that the expense is issued The payer must be a parent, sister, husband and wife. And there must be evidence in stripes.

- In writing to show that it is the person who paid all the expenses, together with a copy of the birth certificate or a copy of the marriage certificate To show relationships.


10. (For those who work as private employees) must submit a certificate of employment. (With company stamp) indicating position, salary and vacation (the date of applying for the certificate must not exceed 1 month from the visa application date)

- (In case of business owner), submit company registration documents (The date of applying for the certificate must not exceed 1 month from the visa application date)

- (In the case of students) submit a certificate of education status. From educational institutions (The date of applying for the certificate must not exceed 1 month. From the date of application).


11. Spouses of people in the EU who wish to travel to Schengen countries will have to show proof of marriage or family book. With a letter of recommendation from the embassy of that national person confirming that The marriage is also governed by the laws of that country.


12. (In the case of a child under 20 years), a birth certificate is required. And house registration If, in case of not traveling and has not submitted the application with parents or guardians, a letter of consent for traveling from the district is required only. (May require additional documents or interview In some cases as you see fit)


13. (For non-Thai citizens residing in Thailand) proof of long stay permission is required. Original work permit (Work Permit) and re-entry visa (both original and copy) from the Immigration Office for visa application. Only persons legally residing in Thailand can apply for a Schengen visa at the Spanish Embassy in Thailand.


*** All documents Must be in english If any documents are in other languages, they must be translated into English before submission ***

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