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Airport in Japan

  • Aguni Airport (AGJ)
  • Akita Airport (AXT)
  • Amami O Shima Airport (ASJ)
  • Aomori Airport (AOJ)
  • Asahikawa Airport (AKJ)
  • Atsugi United States Naval Air Station Airport (NJA)
  • Beppu Airport (BPU)
  • Fukue Airport (FUJ)
  • Fukui Airport (FKJ)
  • Fukuoka Airport (FUK)
  • Fukushima Airport (FKS)
  • Hachijo Jima Island Airport (HAC)
  • Hachinohe Airport (HHE)
  • Hakodate Airport (HKD)
  • Hanamaki Airport (HNA)
  • Hateruma Airport (HTR)
  • Hiroshima Airport (HIJ)
  • Hokkaido Airport (WKJ)
  • Ibaraki Airport (IBR)
  • Iejima Airport (IEJ)
  • Iki Airport (IKI)
  • Ishigaki Airport (ISG)
  • Iwami Airport (IWJ)
  • Izumo Airport (IZO)
  • Kagoshima Airport (KOJ)
  • Kanazawa Airport (KMQ)
  • Kansai Airport (UKY)
  • Kerama Airport (KJP)
  • Kikaiga Shima Airport (KKX)
  • Kita Kyushu Airport (KKJ)
  • Kita-Daito Airport (KTD)
  • Kobe Airport (UKB)
  • Kochi Airport (KCZ)
  • Kumamoto Airport (KMJ)
  • Kume Jima Airport (UEO)
  • Kushimoto Airport (KUJ)
  • Kushiro Airport (KUH)
  • Marine Corps Air Facility Airport (NEU)
  • Matsumoto Airport (MMJ)
  • Matsuyama Airport (MYJ)
  • Memanbetsu Airport (MMB)
  • Minami Daito Jima Airport (MMD)
  • Misawa Airport (MSJ)
  • Miyake Jima Airport (MYE)
  • Miyako Jima Airport (MMY)
  • Miyazaki Airport (KMI)
  • Monbetsu Airport (MBE)
  • Morioka Airport (MRW)
  • Mount Fuji Airport (FSZ)
  • Nagasaki Airport (NGS)
  • Nagoya All Airport (NGOA)
  • Nagoya Chubu Centrair Airport (NGO)
  • Nagoya Komaki Airport (NKM)
  • Nakashibetsu Airport (SHB)
  • Nanki Shirahana Airport (SHM)
  • Niigata Airport (KIJ)
  • Niihame Airport (IHA)
  • Nishinoomote Airport (IIN)
  • Obihiro Airport (OBO)
  • Odate Noshiro Airport (ONJ)
  • Oita Airport (OIT)
  • Okayama Airport (OKJ)
  • Oki Island Airport (OKI)
  • Okinawa Naha Airport (OKA)
  • Okino Erabu Airport (OKE)
  • Okoyo Airport (OKG)
  • Okushiri Airport (OIR)
  • Osaka All Airport (OSAA)
  • Osaka Itami Airport (ITM)
  • Osaka Kansai International Airport (KIX)
  • Oshima Island Airport (OIM)
  • Rebun Airport (RBJ)
  • Rishiri Airport (RIS)
  • Ryotsu Airport (SDO)
  • Sado Shima Airport (SDS)
  • Saga Airport (HSG)
  • Sapporo All Airport (SPKA)
  • Sapporo New Chitose Airport (CTS)
  • Sapporo Okadama Airport (OKD)
  • Sendai Airport (SDJ)
  • Shimojishima Airport (SHI)
  • Shonai Airport (SYO)
  • Takamatsu Airport (TAK)
  • Tanegashima Airport (TNE)
  • Taramajima Airport (TRA)
  • Tokuno Shima Airport (TKN)
  • Tokushima Airport (TKS)
  • Tokyo All Airport (TYOA)
  • Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND)
  • Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT)
  • Tokyo Narita All Airport (NRTA)
  • Tottori Airport (TTJ)
  • Toyama Airport (TOY)
  • Tsushima Airport (TSJ)
  • Ube Airport (UBJ)
  • Yaku Shima Airport (KUM)
  • Yamagata Airport (GAJ)
  • Yokohama Airport (YOK)
  • Yonago Airport (YGJ)
  • Yonaguni Jima Airport (OGN)
  • Yoron Jima Airport (RNJ)
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